Nos Calan Gaeaf (Samhuinn)

The Wheel turns, Summer ends, Winter begins. 
The harvest is gathered as Earth to her rest settles in. 
We gather ‘round the hearth with friends and kin,
For warmth and comfort as darkness closes in. 
The veil between worlds grows thin,
Even those without sight may glimpse within. 
We remember and honor those who’ve gone before
As we welcome them to the table once more. 
Slowly fades the light, giving way to dark of night.
Warmth gives way to cold snow and rain
As Winter approaches once again.
Now is the time for rest,
Now is the time for darkness to enfold.
Hail and Welcome, Cernunnos, Shower of the Way!
Hail and Welcome, all you Holy Ones!
Hail and Welcome, friends and family, near and far!
Hail and Welcome, all who travel this road together! 
Hail and Welcome, Ancestors!
Hail and Welcome, Winter!
Hail and Welcome, Night!

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