Child of the Light: A Reflection on Alban Hefin, the Summer Solstice

At 11:32 pm EDT on Sunday, June 20, Earth reached the point in its orbit of the Sun where the Sun appears at its northernmost point. In the northern hemisphere this is the longest day of the year, the time when there is the most light. Because of orbital mechanics and other science-y stuff, the … More Child of the Light: A Reflection on Alban Hefin, the Summer Solstice

Ritual Words

I’ve been working on a set of quarter calls and releases, with the idea of singing them. Today, I’m posting calls for Ostara.  You can find it at Ostara Quarter Calls I’ve done a set for Mabon and Yule, which I’ll post soon. I’ve used this process to explore my own creative impulses, as well … More Ritual Words

Singing the Journey

During March, my Unitarian Universalist congregation has been exploring the idea of Covenant. When I googled the word covenant, I came up with all kinds of definitions centered around contracts and legal agreements, with added notes of religion and sacred use. It is true that we often hear about covenant in a religious context, the … More Singing the Journey

Happy New Year

2016 is now history, and 2017 lies open before us. It’s a new year, and what better time to reflect on The Fool from the tarot? While we often think of a fool as stupid or idiotic, this fool is anything but. He is stepping out on a new adventure with a whole world of … More Happy New Year

Earth My Body

It’s been an interesting week. Last Sunday morning, I woke up not feeling well. I got up, got ready, and headed out to the Unitarian Universalist church where I direct music. By the time the service started, I really didn’t feel well. By the end of the service, I realized a trip to the ER … More Earth My Body

Songs against Hate

Last week, we heard about yet another black man killed by police. And immediately after that, we heard about another. As if that wasn’t enough, less than 24 hours later, a sniper killed five police officers who were working a Black Lives Matter rally in Dallas. A few weeks ago, it was a mass shooting … More Songs against Hate