Rainbow Spirits

For LGBTQIA folks all over the world, June is Pride Month. This morning I led a worship service at Oak Ridge Unitarian Universalist Church celebrating Pride and the colorful rainbow of LGBTQIA humanity. Here is a transcript of my sermon. (Links to source material are provided in the text.) Rainbow Spirits: Celebrating Pride Sermon – … More Rainbow Spirits

Singing the Journey

During March, my Unitarian Universalist congregation has been exploring the idea of Covenant. When I googled the word covenant, I came up with all kinds of definitions centered around contracts and legal agreements, with added notes of religion and sacred use. It is true that we often hear about covenant in a religious context, the … More Singing the Journey

Songs against Hate

Last week, we heard about yet another black man killed by police. And immediately after that, we heard about another. As if that wasn’t enough, less than 24 hours later, a sniper killed five police officers who were working a Black Lives Matter rally in Dallas. A few weeks ago, it was a mass shooting … More Songs against Hate